Autumn Sky Series

Autumn Sky


Alaina Lund is angry at the new hired man. Until now, she has been her father’s right hand in the orchards, and she would be happy to spend forever in the trees with her adoring father. But now her emotionally distant mother says it’s time for the eighteen-year-old to learn the duties and boundaries of a woman of the 1910s-and Alaina’s mother is forcing the issue with her husband.

Nephi Erickson is the quiet Mormon who has been hired to help Samuel Lund work his fruit farm in the California Sierras. But soon the beliefs of this unassuming outsider will begin to unravel the lives of the Lund family-and Alaina must struggle against the duplicity of one she believes she can rely on. Perhaps Nephi can help her get what she so desperately needs.

“Gale Sears captures the magic of historical fiction and breathes life into her characters.  I relate to them, care about them and want to know more about them.  I eagerly await her next book.” Darla Isackson

Autumn Sky by author Gales Sears is a poignant story of conflict, trust, and faith explored, where unexpected events show that in spite of challenges, there is always hope.

Until the Dawn


The year is 1914 and the world hovers on the edge of a great war. Life in America is far from peaceful for members of the Lund family. As Alaina deals with the painful loss of her home and her father, she makes a desperate choice and finds herself in a strange city among people of a strange faith. Her husband is a good man-but a man she has never loved. As she copes with the emptiness she feels, something in her heart begins to change . . .

Meanwhile her sister Eleanor finds the lifestyle in San Francisco suffocating and without purpose. As she defies high-society rules and secretly attempts to stop the unnecessary suffering of children, she comes to find a passion in medicine. But when her actions are discovered, what will happen? Join gifted author Gale Sears in an eloquent and moving story of love, family, and forgiveness.

Join gifted author Gale Sears in her new book Until the Dawn as she takes you back to the early twentieth century through the terrifying corridors of war-torn Europe, to the elitist society of San Francisco, and finally back to the struggling Saints in Utah.  An eloquent and moving story of love, family, and forgiveness.

“Once again, Gale Sears proves that she is a masterful storyteller with a gift for words that leaves the reader at once breathless and intrigued.”  Shauna Humphreys

Upon the Mountains


World War I is raging in Europe. As America is drawn into the bitter conflict, Nephi Erickson comes to believe enlisting with the Marines is not only his duty, but also his best chance at making some much-needed money. He feels he has failed in his promise to care for his wife, Alaina, and their small daughter, Katie. As he leaves their tranquil Salt Lake City hillside home for a barren battlefield where disease can be as deadly as the enemy, Nephi has no idea that Alaina is carrying their second child-a child he may never see.

With her husband half a world away, Alaina derives some solace from the fact that her younger sister, Eleanor, lives nearby. Nineteen-year-old Eleanor-the only woman studying medicine at the University of Utah-is soon immersed in researching treatments for the influenza pandemic ravaging the world, a scourge that will soon touch her life all too closely. An unforgettable historical drama of innocence lost, of memorable characters struggling to hold on to truth and meaning in an age of turmoil, you’ll be captivated by Gale Sears’ poetic weaving of time, place, and powerful emotion.

The final chapter in one of the most unforgettable historical drama’s of the early 20th century. Upon the Mountains is a triumph for author Gale Sears as she presents memorable characters struggling to hold on to truth and meaning in an age of turmoil.

“You will be captivated by Gale Sears’ graceful weaving of time, place, and powerful emotion.”

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