One Candle

 One Candle  (Una Candela) – Published April 2018 in English and Italian (eBook)

It is 1849—barely two years after the Saints’ arrival in Utah—and missionaries are being sent out to preach the gospel to the world. One of them, Lorenzo Snow, is sent to Italy. He is led to the valleys of the Piedmont, where the Waldenese, followers of the reformer Peter Waldo, have been exiled and persecuted. There, Elder Snow and his two companions find both success and challenges. Hiking into the alpine mountains near the town of Torre Pellice, they are recognized by Madeleine Cardon, who had seen a vision of them bringing the gospel years earlier. Her family and others soon welcome the missionaries into their lives.

Madeleine’s best friend, Albertina Guy, faces her own challenges as her heart is drawn to this new faith. Her family is Catholic; her great-uncle is a priest in the local monastery. Joining the Mormons could mean being expelled from her family. When Elder Snow heals her dying young brother with a priesthood blessing, Albertina and her family must reassess their feelings for these Mormon missionaries and the doctrine they preach.

Based on the true story of the first LDS missionaries in Italy, One Candle shows the gospel of Jesus Christ changing lives and rolling forward “boldly, nobly, and independent” in the early days of the Restoration.

Pictures from the Piedmont area where events take place:

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